How Upsell Funnels and Post Purchase Offers Work Hand in Hand

Upselling and cross-selling are easy in a physical store.

You simply place the impulsive goods near the checkout counter before the cashier.

Items such as candy, chocolates, magazines, and snacks make for easy “unplanned purchases,” but in ecommerce, a Shopify store, for example,  a different tactic is used—upsell funnels.

Upsell funnels, also known as post-purchase offers, are pop-ups that show targeted product recommendations and add-ons right after the customer completes checkout, but immediately before the final “thank you” order confirmation page.

These upsell funnels will automatically pick the most relevant and personalized product recommendation based on your customer’s shopping cart. 

With just one click, your customer can easily add an item or two to their shopping carts before finishing the checkout.

In this article, we’ll deep dive into upsell funnels and how post-purchases can help boost the average order value (AOV) of your online store. 

What is a post-purchase offer in ecommerce?

Post-purchase upsell offers are product recommendations presented to the customer immediately after they complete their purchase but while they’re still on your store’s website. 

Typically, post-purchase offers are displayed as upsell funnels which are a type of pop-up display presented to customers immediately after they have completed the checkout page, but before they reached the final post-purchase page.

Its purpose is to encourage the shopper to add products to their existing shopping cart before finalizing their order. Continued successful upsells will increase your store’s average order value (AOV).

Post-purchase offers give you another opportunity for a successful transaction. 

But upselling doesn’t just benefit the store owner, customers also enjoy receiving personalized product recommendations that can include:

  • Accessories to their purchase item
  • Best sellers
  • Sample-size products
  • New products 

When done right, post-purchase offers are a win-win for merchants and consumers alike.

What is the one-click upsell funnel?

One of the most popular forms of post-purchase offers is the one-click upsell, which shows up to two personalized product recommendations at the very end of the checkout process.

It’s called a one-click funnel because the customer will only have two options when being presented with the upsell: accept or decline. 

By making the offer possible with one click, you’re creating a frictionless way for your customer to quickly add another item to their cart without much thought or effort on their end.

And by showing your customer a post-purchase offer immediately following checkout, they’ll be more inclined to accept the offer without any risk of cart abandonment. 

If they decline the order, their order will still be placed as usual, without affecting the sale. And if they accept the offer, the items will automatically be added to their order.

How Shopify merchants and customers benefit from post-purchase upsell offers

How many times have you been shopping, only intending to buy one or two products, and ended up with a shopping cart full of surprising goodies? 

That’s the joy of shopping! And post-purchase upsells are one of the best ways to recommend relevant products to shoppers at the right time for maximum conversion and sales.

Let’s look at the other benefits of thoughtful post-purchase offers for Shopify merchants and shoppers.

Boost average order value (AOV) to drive more revenue

The greatest benefit of post-purchase offers for store owners is the immediate boost in average order values (AOV).

By recommending a post-purchase offer immediately after checkout, your customer will still be in their happy, post-shopping glow and be more receptive and willing to accept your offer than if you presented it before checkout. 

One of the biggest dangers of upselling during the pre-purchase stage is that you may end up annoying them and causing them to abandon their cart before checking out.

However, by showing the upsell funnel during the post-purchase phase, you’ve mitigated any risk of cart abandonment. Regardless if they accept or decline your offer, their initial order will still be placed.

Deepen customer loyalty by providing a personalized shopping experience

Post-purchase upsells not only boost revenue but also increase consumer satisfaction. Shoppers are more likely to return in the future if they’ve had a previous positive experience.

According to one study, 49% of consumers are likely to become repeat buyers if they received a personalized experience. 

By using CartHook, you can set up to 1,000 different upsell funnels or post-purchase offers. 

Every customer will receive their own personalized product upsells, triggered by their shopping cart’s content. Each accepted offer increases your conversion rates in accepted product offers.

How to improve your post-purchase offers for higher conversions and more sales 

For post-purchase offers to work, they must be personalized and timely, showing on your customer’s page before they have left your store’s website.

However, there are even more ways to improve your post-purchase success rates to receive higher conversions and drive more revenue:

A/B testing upsell funnels against each other

Did you know that you can split test your upsell funnel offers

This means you can have the same product recommendation, but with two different looks to test which variation receives a higher conversion rate.

Sometimes, something as simple as changing the product’s display picture or changing the product’s description can make the difference between your customer clicking accept or decline.

Once you start to improve your upsell funnels’ conversion rates, you can do additional A/B testing to continue improving each funnel until you’ve reached your goal.

Cloning your existing funnels to produce more funnels quickly

The more upsell funnels you create, the more dynamic and relevant your product recommendations will be for each customer. 

To create more upsell funnels quickly for your store, use CartHook’s cloning option to produce copies of existing deals to streamline the upsell funnel-building process.

For example, if you have a upsell funnel that’s for a pair of gloves, you can copy that original funnel to edit and create another variation for another pair of gloves.

You can repeat this process for each of your products or product categories to get your upsell funnels up and running. 

Show your customer the value of the discount they’re receiving

If you want your customer to accept their one-click upsell funnel, then make sure they understand the perceived value they’re gaining by accepting the deal, or else there’s no incentive to accept the offer. They can simply return another time to buy that item.

However, by showing the recommended product’s original price slashed out and showing the new discounted price, you’re giving your customer a perceived advantage for accepting the offer on the spot.

When you display the discounted price prominently, your customer will feel like they’re getting a better deal, making them more inclined to accept. 

Add a countdown timer to create fear of missing out (FOMO)

In addition to showing the discounted price, you must also make sure the customer understands this discount is a limited-time offer only, prompting them to act on the upsell offer before it expires.

This can be achieved by setting a countdown timer that displays in the pop-up window next to the product recommendation.

Typically, countdown timers are between 5-10 minutes long, however, be careful not to make your countdown timer too short or too long.

Download CartHook — an easy no-coding upsell funnel app

CartHook is an app that creates easy, one-click upsell funnels to the Shopify checkout page with no coding required!

Recommended targeted product upsells, cross-sells, and downsells during the checkout process that customers can easily accept with just one click.

Most Shopify merchants will see an average 15% acceptance rate on post-purchase offers and a 10% boost in total revenue.

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