Everything You Need to Know About Using CartHook for Your Shopify Storefront

CartHook is an app that integrates with the native Shopify checkout page, allowing merchants to design one-click post-purchase upsells that can easily increase post-purchase revenue by 10%.

Our no-coding solution lets Shopify owners present last-minute targeted upsells and downsells to customers between the checkout and thank you page.

By presenting post-purchase offers after checkout, there’s no risk of cart abandonment.

And by using CartHook, you can ensure you’re recommending the most relevant and targeted products based on what your customer just bought from your Shopify store.

How do Shopify merchants use CartHook to make more sales?

CartHook is a third-party Shopify app that boosts average order value (AOV) and revenue by adding one-click targeted upsells to the checkout page.

Also known as an upsell funnel, these post-purchase offers are shown to your customers in a pop-up window after they have completed checkout, but before they have reached their final order confirmation.

The one-click upsell funnel can add up to two last-minute product recommendations that your customers can easily accept or decline with just one click to easily add another product or two to their shopping carts.

What is CartHook’s one-click upsell and what does it do?

The one-click upsell is a targeted post-purchase offer that’s shown to your customers right after they have pressed the “complete checkout” button.

At this point, your customer’s order has been placed, and you’ve given them the one-click option to either accept or decline the last-minute product recommendation. 

If your customer accepts the offer or declines, you can show them a secondary follow-up offer, sometimes known as a “downsell offer.”

If your customer accepts the offer, then that item will be added to their cart, and their shopping cart’s value will automatically be adjusted before taking them to the final confirmation.

Design your upsell funnel with CartHook

CartHook allows merchants to set up an unlimited amount of funnels, which are pre-determined product offers and recommendations that are triggered and shown based on the customer’s current order. 

This ensures that you're recommending the most relevant products (and not promoting items they’ve just bought).

The funnel is connected to just one product in your Shopify store and is arranged in two parts—the upsell and downsell.

The upsell option is available for three downsells, and up to two upsells per purchase.

Traditionally, the upsell is a product recommendation that is a more expensive item recommended to your customer. If they decline this offer you can show an additional three downsells, or less expensive items to promote—giving the last customer multiple opportunities to add more items to their cart before completing checkout.

What does CartHook not do?

CartHook does not replace the checkout page in Shopify stores. It works in parallel with Shopify’s checkout page.

What this means is your checkout page’s design will be exactly the same as the built-in Shopify template page. Your CartHook app will integrate to show pop-up windows and targeted upsells on the checkout page.

Most of the work that CartHook does is behind the scenes in the CartHook platform, such as designing and creating funnels, writing product descriptions, crafting calls-to-action, and figuring out pricing for post-purchase offers.

From the point of view of your customers, the checkout page will appear mostly the same — except for the special pop-up windows that display your last-minute post-purchase offers.

CartHook’s benefits for Shopify merchants

CartHook’s app requires no coding, which means you’ll get your upsell funnel up and running the same day you set it up. 

Additionally, CartHook has many built-in features such as checkout page templates, post-purchase upsells, cart abandonment emails, and ROI tracking.

Let’s review some of the other benefits of using CartHook for your Shopify store.

Measure the performance of every post-purchase funnel

CartHook’s built-in monitoring and analytics tool will help you track the results of each of your post-purchase funnels to show AOV growth.

Now you can view revenue, track your AOV, and monitor conversion rates to see which upsell offers had the highest conversion rates, and even track revenue by the hour to see peak shopping times on your site.

Boost your AOV and upsell revenue

Did you know that Shopify merchants who use CartHook see a 10% increase in revenue?

When you build out your custom upsell funnel for your store’s inventory, you’ll traditionally see a 15% conversion rate, meaning 15% of all of your visitors will generally accept their one-click post-purchase offer to boost your AOV.

Create new revenue quickly with no-code, one-click post-purchase upsells

Make money without traffic! Use CartHook to allow users to upsell after purchasing. Offers can be seen immediately after checkout and before your thank you page, demonstrating a high level of client loyalty. 

Because you’re showing the offer after their order has been placed, there’s a very low risk of cart abandonment.

By using a one-click pop-up window, your customers won’t need to re-enter their shipping or payment info, creating a frictionless way to upsell your customers on one or two more targeted upsells.

Get access to expert-level technical support

CartHook offers top-notch tech support for all Shopify merchants, including in-app support and a help center with FAQs to help troubleshoot and set up their accounts.

Customize and trigger product recommendations based on the customer’s recent purchase

CartHook allows for an unlimited amount of upsell funnels to be created, letting you create and show special post-purchase offers for every single product in your inventory.

Because your target upsells are triggered by what your customer has just bought, you’ll never recommend an item that they’re already purchasing, ensuring your post-purchase offers are relevant and personalized.

A/B test to maximize conversions

A/B testing involves showing two different variations of the same post-purchase offer, showing you which variation receives a higher conversion rate.

Experiment when designing your upsell funnel to try out different calls-to-action (CTA) and product descriptions to see which post-purchase offers have a higher success rate.

Boost your Shopify store success by downloading Carthook today 

CartHook is a third-party app that integrates with Shopify to create a one-click post-purchase after the checkout page.

With CartHook’s app, store merchants are able to build an unlimited number of post-purchase funnels, modify the layout of each offer, and track revenue and AOV.

Launch your first upsell funnel today and watch your revenue increase by 10%.

Download your free trial of CartHook from Shopify’s app store today.

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