25+ Post Purchase Email Templates for Ecommerce

Your customers may not open up most of their promotional emails, but they will open up most of their post-purchase emails. 

Think of the excitement customers feel after they’ve placed an order and they receive their order confirmation email. Or the uncertainty they face after canceling an order. 

In both cases, your customer is awaiting an automated response from you for reassurance, making them very likely to open up post-purchase emails.

This is why post-purchase emails and transactional emails have an open rate between 80%-85%, whereas promotional email is only around 20%.

With post-purchase email templates, you can automatically notify customers of important changes made to their order, while inserting promotions and important marketing components inside these emails, like promo codes, and seasonal deals for more sales opportunities.

In this article, we’re going to cover 25 of the most important and common post-purchase email templates you should send to your Shopify customers, as well as ways to optimize these templates to make an easy 15% extra in sales revenue.

Why post-purchase emails are important for your ecommerce marketing strategy

Post-purchase emails, as well as transactional emails, are sent automatically to your customers after they’ve placed an order from your Shopify store.

They can include order confirmations, shipping confirmation emails, and POS sales receipts. Compared to standard emails, they have a 4-5 times higher open rate.

Today, Shopify merchants have found they can optimize these post-purchase email templates to drive sales by 14% while boosting customer retention.

Using Shopify email apps like UpOrder, merchants can serve customized product recommendations for each customer, turning their transactional post-purchase emails into a hidden sales channel.

Not only that, post-purchase email templates can be further optimized to include social media links, limited-use discount codes, blog posts, and special promotions, making post-purchase email flows a valuable email marketing strategy.

Post-purchase email templates explained

Order templates are automatically sent to your customer after they complete checkout, or have made an edit to their existing order.

Among all the Shopify notifications, order notifications receive the highest open rates, so be sure to optimize these templates with personalized product recommendations for more sales opportunities.

Order confirmations

Order confirmations are transactional emails sent from the Shopify merchant to their customers immediately after checking out. Confirmation emails receive the highest open rates of all post-purchase and transactional messages.

Make sure to include the customer’s order summary, an itemized list of products, order total, and billing and shipping information.

Add a clickable button to allow your customer to view their order and include a list of 2-4 recommended products for an easy cross-selling and upselling opportunity.

Order edited

These emails are sent immediately after your customer has changed their order and reflect their updated order.

Order canceled

Order canceled emails are sent to reassure your customers that their order’s cancellation went through successfully.

Order refund

Notifies your customers after their order has been canceled that they will receive a refund, and include an order summary.

Abandoned checkout

Remind customers who have signed in that they have left your store before completing checkout.

These emails will redirect visitors back to your store with their saved, unfinished checkout cart.

POS sales receipt

Point of sale (POS) receipts are electronic receipts sent to your customer following placing an order at a physical brick-and-mortar store.

Post-purchase shipping templates explained

After the order has been placed and the customer has been notified, additional shipping confirmation is sent following each step of the order’s fulfillment process.

Because shipping notifications have a high open rate, they are a prime spot to include product promotions, discount codes, and referral links.

Fulfillment requests

If you’re using a third-party fulfillment provider, these fulfillment requests are sent automatically to notify them your order items are fulfilled.

Shipping confirmation

Inform your customer their order is on its way by including an order summary, shipping address, and a tracking link to the shipping carrier’s website.

Shipping update

These are sent automatically to your customer if their order’s tracking number is updated.

Out for delivery

This email notifies your customer that their package is out for delivery and will arrive today.


Let them know that their package has been successfully delivered.

Local delivery templates explained

While most Shopify stores are online only, many merchants opt for a hybrid store that combines a brick-and-mortar location with an online store.

These local delivery templates notify customers that their orders are being delivered by a local delivery person or an employee of the store.

Local order out for delivery

Notifies customers their package is out for delivery.

Local order delivered

Notifies customer their package has been successfully delivered.

Local order missed delivery

Informs your customer that they weren’t present for their delivery and that a delivery reattempt will take place at another time.

Ready for pick up

Notifies customers that their order is ready to be picked up at your physical location.

Picked Up

Notifies customers after they have picked up their order from the physical store.

Post-purchase returns templates explained

Managing order returns is a large part of running an ecommerce business, with upwards to 20% of all online orders being returned for a variety of reasons.

These notifications inform your customers of changes made to their online order’s return status and can include deals to get them to make another purchase after opening.

Return instructions

These are sent to your customer after they’ve placed an order return on your website. Return instructions will list the steps customers will follow to successfully return their items back to your store to receive a refund.

Return label

A return label is emailed to your customer after creating a return label.

Post-purchase follow-up templates explained

After your customer has completed their order and received their package, you’ll continue to send various follow-up notifications to stay in contact with your customer and find new ways to bring them back to your online store.

Customer win-back emails

Win-back messages are sent to inactive customers to get them to return to your website. You can set the frequency of win-back emails to any time, but are frequently sent 30, 60, and 90 days after your customer has last interacted with your store.

Replenishment emails

Prompt your customers to make a repeat purchase by sending them replenishment emails, telling them their last order’s supply is about to run out.

Replenishment emails are useful for restocking up on consumables, such as cosmetics, household cleaners, and other products that are frequently used and reordered often.

Review of physical good email

Send a post-purchase physical good email to ask your customers for reviews on a physical item purchased from your store.

Review of digital goods email

If you’re selling digital items from your Shopify store, send a review of digital goods email to collect reviews to showcase on your store’s site.

Feedback request on physical goods email

Gather customer feedback on your physical items by sending feedback on physical goods email. The feedback from these forms will be for internal use only, and won’t be displayed on your website.

Feedback request on digital goods email

Get feedback on digital items sold from your store, such as software, templates, and more. The feedback will not be publicly shared but will help you improve your products.

Custom email

Custom email templates can be personalized and customized to fit any situation when you need to reach out to a customer and want to retain your store’s online branding and professionalism.

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